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The “Nuvvemicchavo” song from the Telugu movie “Oopiri” is a heartwarming and melodious track that resonates deeply with listeners. Sung by the versatile Vijay Prakash, this song beautifully captures the emotions of gratitude and appreciation. The “Nuvvemicchavo” song lyrics, written by the legendary Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry, are poetic and meaningful, reflecting the essence of thankfulness and the depth of emotional connections. Gopi Sundar’s musical composition perfectly complements the heartfelt lyrics, creating a harmonious blend that touches the soul.

For those eager to explore the “Nuvvemicchavo” song lyrics, we provide them in both Telugu and English. This ensures that fans can fully immerse themselves in the lyrical beauty and emotional richness of the song, regardless of their language preference. Whether you are a native Telugu speaker or someone who appreciates touching and evocative music, the “Nuvvemicchavo” song from “Oopiri” promises to evoke deep emotions and resonate with listeners on a profound level. Experience the sincere expression of gratitude and the emotional journey through the beautiful “Nuvvemicchavo” song.

Song Name:Nuvvemicchavo
Movie Name:Oopiri
Singer/s:Vijay Prakash
Lyricist:Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry
Music Director:Gopi Sundar

Nuvvemicchavo Song Telugu Lyrics

నీకైనా అది తెలుసునా
నేనేం పొందానో
నా మౌనం నీకు తెలిపిన
కనుల్లే మెరిసిపోవా
నీలో నవ్వు చూడగా
హృదయం మురిసిపోదా
తనలో బరువు తీరుగా
ఇన్నాళ్ళుగా నాకూడా లేని నిన్ను
ఈరోజున్న కొత్తగా జన్మించ
నీలోని ఆనందమై
నువేమిచ్చావో తెలుసా వెతికే కల
నీవల్లే కదా కలిసి నన్నే నేనిలా
నువ్వేమిచ్చావో నీకైనా అది తెలుసా

Nuvvemicchavo Song Tinglish Lyrics

Neekaina adi telusuna
Nenem pondhaano
Naa mounam neeku telipena
Kanulle merisipovaa
Neelo navvu choodaga
Hrudhayam moorisipodha
Thanalo bharuvu theeraga
Innalluga naakuda leni nennu
Eerojunne kothaga janmincha
Neeloni anamdhamai
Nuvemichavo telusa vethike kala
Neevalle kadha kalisa nanne nenila
Nuvvemichavo neekaina adi telusa

Nuvvemicchavo Song Lyrical Video

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