Kotta Kadhalay Song Lyrics – Okka Ammayi Thappa Telugu Movie

“Kotta Kadhalay Song” is a lovely song from the Telugu movie “Okka Ammayi Thappa,” a romantic thriller released in 2016. Ramya Behara sings the song, which has heartfelt and touching lyrics by Sri Sasi Jyothsna. The lyrics beautifully describe the feelings of new love. Mickey J Meyer composed the music, which matches the lyrics and singing perfectly, making the song memorable and enchanting.

“Kotta Kadhalay Song Lyrics” emerges as a standout track in the film’s soundtrack, infusing the narrative with emotional resonance. Through heartfelt Song lyrics and expressive vocals, the song becomes a cherished element of the movie’s music, resonating deeply with listeners.

Song Name:Kotta Kadhalay
Movie Name:Okka Ammayi Thappa
Singer/s:Ramya Behara
Lyricist:Sri Sasi Jyothsna
Music Director:Mickey J Meyer

Kotta Kadhalay Song Telugu Lyrics

కొత్త కథలే మొదలయనే
చిన్ని గుండెలే తుళ్లిపడనే
లేత లేత స్నేహలేవో
చెరిగిపోని ముద్రవేసే
మూత మూసి దాచలేని
ఆశాలేవో చిందులేసే
మచ్చలేని స్వచ్ఛమైన
భావాలేవో వూరకలేసే
గీత గీసి ఆపలేని
అననందాలే తొంగి చూసి

Kotta Kadhalay Song Tinglish Lyrics

Kotha kadhalay Modhalayane
Chinni gundele Tullipadane
Letha letha snehalevo
Cherigiponi mudravesi
Mootha moosi dhachaleni
Aashalevo chindhulese
Macchaleni swacchamaina
Bhavaalevo voorakalese
Geetha geesi aapaleni
Ananandhale thongi choosi

Kotta Kadhalay Song Lyrical Video

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