Andhamaina Seetakoka Chiluka Song Lyrics – Jaya Janaki Nayaka Telugu Movie

In “Jaya Janaki Nayaka,” the song “Andhamaina Seetakoka Chiluka” is a soulful rendition that captivates the essence of love and longing. Sung by Sooraj Santhosh and composed by the Devi Sri Prasad, this melody transcends barriers of time and space, echoing the sentiments of romance with its enchanting tune and heartfelt “Andhamaina Seetakoka Chiluka Song lyrics”.

As you listen to the music, you feel like you’re in a world where love is the most important thing. Every sound in the song makes you think about two people who really love each other forever. “Andhamaina Seetakoka Chiluka Song” isn’t just a song; it’s like going on a journey through your feelings, making you feel happy and in love with its beautiful melody.

Song Name:Andhamaina Seetakoka Chiluka
Movie Name:Jaya Janaki Nayaka
Singer/s:Sooraj Santhosh
Music Director:Devi Sri Prasad

Andhamaina Seetakoka Chiluka Song Telugu Lyrics

అందమైన సీతాకోక చిలుక
రంగులన్నీ తేవే రామ చిలుకా
చుట్టూ పక్క రాజ్యం నీది గనక
రెక్క విప్పి రావే బిడియ మనకే
యవ్వనాలా తోటల్లో
నిన్న మొన్న ఏనాడూ
ఇంత కల లేదే ఇంత దాకా
విచించుకున్న పువ్వుల్లో
గుప్పుమంటూ ఈనాడు
కొత్త్త రంగు రాసిందే నీరాక

Andhamaina Seetakoka Chiluka Song Tinglish Lyrics

Andhamaina Seethakoka Chiluka
Rangulanni Teve Rama Chiluka
Chuttu Pakka Rajyam Needi Ganaka
Rekka Vippi Rave Bidiya Manaka
Yavvanala Thotallo
Ninna Monna Yenadu
Intha Kala Lede Intha Daka Oooo
Vichukunna Poovullo
Guppumanu Eenadu
Kotharangu Rasinde Nee Raaka

Andhamaina Seetakoka Chiluka Song Lyrical Video

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