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“Tharali Tharali” is a beautiful song featured in the movie “Sita Ramam.” Sung by the talented Sunitha Upadrashta, the song captures the essence of love and longing. The lyrics for this captivating melody were penned by Krishna Kanth, who skillfully expresses the emotions of the heart in Telugu.

The song’s composition, courtesy of music director Vishal Chandrasekhar, is a treat for the ears. It blends melodious tunes with soul-stirring arrangements, creating a mesmerizing musical experience. The enchanting melody and Sunitha Upadrashta’s heartfelt rendition make “Tharali Tharali” a must-listen for music enthusiasts.

For those who want to appreciate the song’s depth even if they are not familiar with Telugu, the English translation of the lyrics allows them to connect with the emotions conveyed in the song. It adds a universal appeal to the song, making it accessible to a broader audience.

“Tharali Tharali” is a perfect blend of soulful vocals, meaningful lyrics, and exceptional music composition. It evokes a range of emotions, from nostalgia to romantic longing, and leaves listeners captivated. Whether you understand Telugu or prefer the translated English lyrics, this song promises an immersive musical journey that will resonate with your heart.

Experience the magic of “Tharali Tharali” and let the enchanting melodies transport you to a world filled with love and emotions.

Song Name:Tharali Tharali
Movie Name:Sita Ramam
Singer/s:Sunitha Upadrashta
Lyricist:Krishna Kanth
Music Director:Vishal Chandrasekhar

Tharali Tharali Song Telugu Lyrics

చల్ చల్ చల్ చల్
చల్ చల్ చల్
చల్ చల్ చల్ చల్ చల్
చల్ చల్ చల్

తరలి తరలి మరి రారా
ఎదురుగ రామ సుందరా
విరులు జరులు ఇక దాటి
దరికిరా వేడుకుందురా

తరలి తరలి మరి రారా
ఎదురుగ రామ సుందరా
దిగులుగా మిథిలలోనే ఉన్న
కదిలిరా నీలి మేఘశ్యామ

వేణువే విల్లు లాగ మలచి
పాడరా సీత రాగమాల
దేవ దేవరా నాదు
ఈ మొర ఆలకించరా రా

తరలి తరలి మరి రా

Tharali Tharali Song Tinglish Lyrics

Chal ChalChalChal
ChalChal ChalChal Chal
Chal Chal Chal

Tharali Tharali Mari Raara
Eduruga Rama Sundara
Virulu Jarulu Ika Dhaati
Darikiraa Vedukundura

Tharali Tharali Mari Raara
Eduruga Rama Sundara
Diguluga Mithilalone Unna
KadhiliRaa Neeli Meghashyama

Venuve Villu Laaga Malachi
Paadara Sita Raaga Maala
Deva Dhevara Naadhu
Ee Moraa Aalakincharaa

Tharali Tharali Mari Raa

Tharali Tharali Song Lyrical Video

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