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“Temple Song Lyrics” from the Telugu movie “Kick 2” is a mesmerizing song that beautifully captures the essence of devotion and spirituality. Sung by the talented trio Deepak, Rahul Nambiar, and Nivas, this track stands out for its serene and soulful melody. Lyricist Sri Mani has penned the lyrics with a profound sense of reverence, adding depth and meaning to the song. Thaman S, the music director, has crafted a divine composition that perfectly complements the vocals, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and devotion.

The song “Temple” is a significant highlight in the “Kick 2” soundtrack, offering a moment of peace and reflection amidst the film’s dynamic energy. The harmonious voices of Deepak, Rahul Nambiar, and Nivas blend seamlessly with Thaman S’s enchanting music, making this song a favorite among listeners who appreciate devotional music. Whether you’re seeking a moment of spiritual connection or simply enjoy beautifully composed music, “Temple” is a song that will resonate deeply.

Song Name:Temple
Movie Name:Kick2
Singer/s:Deepak,Rahul Nambiar,Nivas
Lyricist:Sri Mani
Music Director:Thaman S

Temple Song Telugu Lyrics

వరమల్లే కనబడుతుందా
తలవంచి తలపించైనా
తుది శ్వాస నాపదార్చన
ప్రాణం నీకోసం

కుంభవృష్టేయ్ కురిసినదా
అంబరం కరివిరిగేనా
ఊపిరాగే పండగకాదిది

రాలిపోయిన పువ్వులకి
చిగురులు చిరు నవ్వుల జోల
నీతి అలలకు సంద్రము ఊగెనే
రంగుల ఉయ్యాలా

బ్రహ్మాండమే తొణికేలా
బ్రహ్మోత్సవం ఈ వేళా
వెయ్యేళ్ళు గుండె లోతులో
ఈ నిమిషం నిలిచేలా

Temple Song Tinglish Lyrics

Varamalle kanabaduthundha
Thalavanchi thalapinchaina
Thudi shvaasa naapadhaachana
Praanam neekosam

Kumbavrushtey kurisinadha
Ambaram karivirigena
Oopiraage pandagakaadhidhi
Kumbothsavame ra

Raalipoyina puvvulaki
Chigurula chiru navvula jhola
Neethi alalaku sandramu oogene
Rangula uyyala

Bramhandame thonikela
Bramhothsavam ee vela
Veyyellu gunde lothulo
Ee nimisham nilichela 

Temple Song Lyrical Video

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