Seetha Kalyana Vaibhogame Song Lyrics – Ranarangam Telugu Movie

“Step into the world of melodious enchantment with the song ‘Seetha Kalyana Vaibhogame’ from the Telugu movie Ranarangam. This song, sung by the talented Karthik Rodriguez and penned by the prolific lyricist Balaji, weaves a beautiful tale of love and celebration. Composed by the musical maestro Prashant Pillai, the song carries a soulful melody that resonates with the hearts of its listeners.

As you delve into the lyrics, you’ll be transported to a world of romanticism and joy, where the essence of a grand wedding celebration is captured in every note. The song takes you on a journey through the emotions of love and happiness, making it an ideal choice for various occasions, especially weddings.

‘Seetha Kalyana Vaibhogame’ encapsulates the essence of Telugu music and culture, making it a favorite among music enthusiasts. Whether you understand the Telugu language or not, the universal emotions expressed in the song are bound to touch your heart.

So, sit back, relax, and let the soothing voice of Karthik Rodriguez, coupled with the genius of Prashant Pillai’s music, serenade your senses. Whether you’re a fan of Telugu music or simply appreciate beautiful melodies, this song is sure to captivate your soul.

Incorporate this enchanting song into your playlist, and let it become the soundtrack to your moments of love and celebration. ‘Seetha Kalyana Vaibhogame’ is not just a song; it’s an experience that transcends language barriers and leaves an indelible mark on your heart. Celebrate the magic of love and the joy of togetherness with this musical masterpiece from Ranarangam.”

Song Name:Seetha Kalyana Vaibhogame
Movie Name:Ranarangam
Singer/s:Karthik Rodriguez
Music Director:Prashant Pillai

Seetha Kalyana Vaibhogame Song Telugu Lyrics

పావనజా స్తుతి పాత్ర ఆ
పావన చరిత్ర ఆ
ప్రతి సోమవర నేత్ర ఆ
రమణీయ గాత్ర ఆ

సీత కల్యాణ వైభోగమే
రామ కల్యాణ వైభోగమే

శుభం అని ఇలా అక్షింతలు ఆలా దీవెనలతో
అటు ఇటు జనం హడావిడితనం
తుళ్ళింతల ఈ పెళ్లి లోగిళ్ళలో
పదండని బంధువులొకటై
సన్నాయిలా సందడి మొదలై
తథాస్తని ముడులు వేసే హే

సీత కల్యాణ వైభోగమే
రామ కల్యాణ వైభోగమే

దూరం తిరుగుతుంటే
గారం పెరుగుతుంటే
వణికే సేతులకు గాజుల
చప్పుడు చప్పున ఆపుకొని
గడియగా మరిచిన తలుపే
వెయ్యండని సైగలు తెలిపే
క్షనాళిక కరిగిపోవా

పావనజా స్తుతి పాత్ర
సీత కల్యాణ వైభోగమే
రామ కల్యాణ వైభోగమే

Seetha Kalyana Vaibhogame Song Tinglish Lyrics

Pawanaja stuti paatra aa  
Paawana charitra aa  
Prati somavara netra aa  
Ramaneeya gaatra aa   

Seeta kalyana  vaibhogame 
Raama kalyana vaibhogame 

Subham ani ila akshintalu ala deevenalato 
Atu itu janam hadaviditanam   
Tullintala ee pelli logillalo 
Padandani bandhuvulokatai   
Sannaayila sandadi modalai   
Tathastani mudulu vese hey   

Seeta kalyana vaibhogame 
Raama kalyana vaibhogame 

Dooram tarugutunte 
Gaaram perugutunte 
Vanike setulaku gaasula 
Chappudu chappuna aapukoni 
Gadeyaga marichina talupe 
Veyyandani saigalu telipe 
Kshanalika karigipovaa 

Pawanaja stuti paatra   
Seeta kalyana vaibhogame 
Raama kalyana vaibhogame

Seetha Kalyana Vaibhogame Song Lyrical Video

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