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“Dive into the enchanting world of ‘Raaye Nuv Raaye’ from the movie ‘Bomma Blockbuster,’ as we unravel the captivating lyrics of this melodious Telugu song. Sung by the talented trio of Manisha Eerabathini, Ram Miriyala, and Muheet Bharti, ‘Raaye Nuv Raaye’ boasts a soulful composition by the esteemed music director Prashanth R Vihari. With its heartfelt melodies and poignant lyrics, this song takes listeners on an emotional journey.

The lyrics of ‘Raaye Nuv Raaye’ have been beautifully crafted by Kittu Vissapragada, who masterfully weaves together words that express the depths of love and longing. Each line resonates with raw emotions, touching the hearts of the listeners and leaving an indelible impact. The song is a celebration of love, capturing the essence of romance and the yearning for togetherness.

‘Raaye Nuv Raaye’ is a perfect blend of soothing vocals and mesmerizing music. Manisha Eerabathini, Ram Miriyala, and Muheet Bharti infuse the song with their rich and expressive voices, bringing the lyrics to life with their impeccable delivery. The harmonious melodies and evocative arrangements complement the emotional depth of the lyrics, creating an immersive musical experience.

As you listen to ‘Raaye Nuv Raaye,’ you’ll find yourself drawn into its captivating ambiance, feeling the intensity of the emotions conveyed through the lyrics. The song strikes a chord with listeners of all ages, evoking memories, and tugging at heartstrings. Whether you understand Telugu or not, the universal language of music transcends barriers, allowing you to connect with the song’s essence.

Bomma Blockbuster, the movie that features ‘Raaye Nuv Raaye,’ is a cinematic delight that encompasses various emotions and storytelling elements. The film’s soundtrack, including this soul-stirring song, adds depth and richness to the narrative, complementing the performances and enhancing the overall cinematic experience.

In conclusion, ‘Raaye Nuv Raaye’ is an extraordinary composition that captivates listeners with its heartfelt lyrics, soulful vocals, and evocative music. It is a testament to the power of music in evoking emotions and creating lasting impressions. Immerse yourself in the magic of ‘Raaye Nuv Raaye’ and let its enchanting melodies transport you to a world filled with love and longing.”

Song Name:Raaye Nuv Raaye
Movie Name:Bomma Blockbuster
Singer/s:Manisha Eerabathini,Ram Miriyala,Muheet Bharti
Lyricist:Kittu Vissapragada
Music Director:Prashanth R Vihari

Raaye Nuv Raaye Song Telugu Lyrics

నా తో రా అందే సూపే ఏ టే టో ఓఓ సేసే గుండె
సురుకే ఏసేయే సెయ్యే తాకే
బేరం సారం సేసే ఈడే నీతోనే

రాయే రాయే సందుల్లో సందుల్లో గొడవల్లో గొడవల్లో
రోజూ గలాట సేద్దామా ఆ ఆ
ఓ ఓ రాయే నువ్ రాయే
సందుల్లో సందుల్లో గొడవల్లో గొడవల్లో
రోజూ గలాట సేద్దామా ఆ ఆ

ఓ సినుకు రాలిందా ఆ సిలిపి సిగురే తొడిగే
ఈ పెదవి తాకిందా ఓ వలపు మొలకై మొలిసే
కలిసే మధువులోన నలుగుతున్న మైకం తగిలి
సూపుల గాలం పడగా ఏదో నషా ఆ ఆఆ

రాయే రాయే సందుల్లో గొడవల్లో
రోజూ గలాట సేద్దామా ఆ ఆ

తానెపుడు వాలిందో ఎనక ఎగిరే సిలికా
మెలికలేసిందో మురిసి ఎదలో గిలక
ముద్దొచ్చే కసురుతున్న నొసటిపైన సెమటే తగిలి
ఊపిరి ఏగం పెరిగే ఏదో నిషా ఆ ఆఆ

రాయే రాయే సందుల్లో గొడవల్లో
రాయే రాయే రోజూ గలాట రాయే
సేద్దామా ఆ ఆ రాయే
గలాట సేద్దామా రాయే రాయే
గలాట సేద్దామా ఆ ఆఆ
హు హు హు హు ఓహో హో హో ఓహో హో హో

Raaye Nuv Raaye Song Tinglish Lyrics

Naa Tho Raa Andhe Soope Ye Te To Oo Sese Gunde
Suruke Eseye Seyye Thaake
Beram Saaram Sese Eede Neethone

Raaye Raaye Sandhullo Sandhullo Godavallo Godavallo
Roju Galaata Seddhaamaa Aa Aa
Oo Oo Raaye Nuv Raaye
Sandhullo Sandhullo Godavallo Godavallo
Roju Galaata Seddhaamaa Aa Aa

Oo Sinuku Raalindhaa Aa Silipi Sigure Thodige
Ee Pedhavi Thaakindhaa Oo Valapu Molakai Molise
Kalise Madhuvulona Naluguthunna Maikam Thagili
Soopula Gaalam Padagaa Edho Nashaa Aa AaAa

Raaye Raaye Sandhullo Godavallo
Roju Galaata Seddhaamaa Aa Aa

Thaanepudu Vaalindho Enaka Egire Silakaa
Melikalesindho Murisi Edhalo Gilaka
Muddhochhe Kasuruthunna Nosatipaina Semate Thagili
Oopiri Egam Perige Edho Nishaa Aa AaAa

Raaye Raaye Sandhullo Godavallo
Raaye Raaye Roju Galaara Raaye
Seddhaamaa Aa Aa Raaye
Galaata Seddhaama Aa AaAa

Raaye Nuv Raaye Song Lyrical Video

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