Psycho Pilla Song Lyrics – Sakala Gunabi Rama Telugu Movie

“Psycho Pilla” is a vibrant and peppy Telugu song featured in the movie Sakala Gunadirama. Sung by the talented Amit Trivedi, the song is composed by Anudeep Dev, with lyrics penned by Raghuram. The catchy beats and energetic vibe of the song make it a popular choice among music lovers.

The song “Psycho Pilla” captures the essence of youthful exuberance and playfulness. With its foot-tapping rhythm and addictive melodies, it has become a favorite among fans. The fusion of traditional Telugu elements with contemporary music arrangements gives the song a unique and refreshing sound.

Amit Trivedi’s powerful vocals bring life to the lyrics, perfectly complementing the music. The talented singer effortlessly captures the spirit of the song, making it an enjoyable listening experience for the audience. Anudeep Dev’s music direction adds an extra layer of excitement, enhancing the overall appeal of the song.

Raghuram’s lyrics for “Psycho Pilla” reflect the playful and carefree nature of the film’s storyline. The song showcases the fun and mischievous side of love, with its lyrics filled with cheeky metaphors and clever wordplay. It captures the emotions and enthusiasm of young love, making it relatable to listeners of all ages.

Whether you understand Telugu or not, the infectious energy of “Psycho Pilla” transcends language barriers. For those who are not familiar with the Telugu language, the English translations of the lyrics allow you to appreciate the song’s meaning and connect with its catchy tunes.

Overall, “Psycho Pilla” is a delightful song that brings joy and excitement to the listeners. With its lively music, spirited vocals, and playful lyrics, it has become a popular choice for parties, celebrations, and music enthusiasts alike. Enjoy the energetic and catchy lyrics of “Psycho Pilla” and get ready to groove to its infectious beats.

Song Name:Psycho Pilla
Movie Name:Sakala Gunabi Rama
Singer/s:Amit Trivedi
Music Director:Anudeep Dev

Psycho Pilla Song Telugu Lyrics

నిన్నేళ్ల పుట్టించాడో బ్రహ్మ
ఏమున్నవే నా సత్యభామ

నడుముఒంపున దాచిన అందాం
నరము నరమును చేసెను దం ధామ్
కురుల కొడవలి చెయ్యకే సిద్ధం
కంగారు పెంచేసి బంగారు
నను చంపకే

సైకో సైకో పిల్ల
సైకో సైకో పిల్ల
సైకో సైకో పిల్ల

ముక్కు పై కోపమే
కవులు రాయని కావ్యమే
వెతకన తెలుగులో
కొత్త అక్షరమే
మూతి పై విరుపులెయ్
అలక చిలకల పలుకులే
నవ్వులెయ్ విసరకే
యుద్ధమే మొదలెట్టాకే

చెలియా చెలియా చెలియా
మనవే వినవే చెలియా
సఖియా సఖియా సకియా
రభస రేపకే గుండెల్లో సఖియా

సైకో సైకో పిల్ల
సైకో సైకో సైకో
సైకో సైకో పిల్ల

Psycho Pilla Song Tinglish Lyrics

Ninnella puttinchaado bramha
Yemunnave na satyabhama

Nadumuvompuna daachina andaam
Naramu naramunu chesenu dum dum
Kurula kodavali cheyyake siddam
Kangaru penchesi bangaaru
Nanu champakey

Psycho psycho pilla
Psycho psycho pilla
Psycho psycho pilla

Mukku pai kopame
Kavulu raayani kaavyame
Vethakana telugu lo
Kotha aksharame
Moothi pai virupuley
Alaka chilakala palukulay
Navvuley visarakay
Yuddame modalettakay

Cheliya cheliya cheliya
Manavey vinavey cheliya
Sakhiya sakhiya sakiya
Rabhasa repake gundello sakhiya

Psycho psycho pilla
Psycho psycho psycho
Psycho psycho pilla

Psycho Pilla Song Lyrical Video

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