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“Pranam’ is a soulful song from the Telugu movie ‘Jaanu,’ featuring heartfelt lyrics that resonate with the emotions of love and longing. Sung by the talented Anurag Kulkarni, the song captures the essence of love in its purest form. With music composed by Govind Menon and lyrics penned by Sri Mani, ‘Pranam’ beautifully expresses the emotions and depth of a romantic relationship.

The lyrics of ‘Pranam’ depict the yearning and affection between two individuals. The song beautifully conveys the emotions of love, adoration, and devotion towards the beloved. It portrays the feelings of being captivated by someone’s presence, where every moment spent with them feels like a blessing.

‘Pranam naa pranam’ in Telugu translates to ‘My life, my life.’ These words symbolize the significance and intensity of the bond shared between the two souls. The lyrics emphasize the idea that the protagonist’s entire existence revolves around their loved one. Each verse of the song unravels the depth of emotions, expressing the desire to be with the beloved forever.

Anurag Kulkarni’s soul-stirring rendition brings the lyrics to life, touching the hearts of listeners. His melodious voice perfectly captures the essence of the song, complementing the heartfelt lyrics and enhancing the emotional connect.

The music, composed by Govind Menon, adds a mesmerizing touch to the song. The captivating melody and soothing instrumentation create an enchanting atmosphere, enhancing the overall emotional impact. Govind Menon’s talent shines through the composition, infusing the song with a sense of nostalgia and romance.

Sri Mani’s poignant lyrics in both Telugu and English contribute to the song’s beauty. His words beautifully articulate the intensity of love, evoking a deep emotional response from the audience. Sri Mani’s ability to craft meaningful and relatable lyrics makes ‘Pranam’ an unforgettable musical experience.

In summary, ‘Pranam’ from the movie ‘Jaanu’ is a captivating and emotionally resonant song that celebrates the power of love. With Anurag Kulkarni’s soulful voice, Govind Menon’s enchanting music, and Sri Mani’s profound lyrics, this song touches the heart and leaves a lasting impression. Experience the magic of ‘Pranam’ and immerse yourself in its heartfelt expressions of love and devotion.”

Song Name:Pranam
Movie Name:Jaanu
Singer/s:Anurag Kulkarni
Lyricist:Sri Mani
Music Director:Govind Menon

Pranam Song Telugu Lyrics

ప్రాణం నా ప్రాణం నీతో ఇలా
గానం తొలి గానం పాడేయ్ వేళా

తార తీరం
మన దారిలో కాంతులే కురిసేలా
చాల దూరం రాబోవు ఉదయాలనే విసిరేలా

ప్రాణం నా ప్రాణం నీతో ఇలా
గానం తొలి గానం పాడే వేళా

మన బాల్యమే ఒక పౌర్ణమి
ఒకే కథై ఆలా
మన దూరమే అమావాస్యలే
చేరో కథై ఇలా

మల్లి మల్లి జాబిలి వేళా
వెన్నెల జల్లిందిలా నీ జంటగా
మారేలోపే ఈ నిమిషం కళల
దాచేయాలి గుండెలో గురుతుల

తార తీరం
మన దారిలో కాంతులే కురిసేలా
చాల దూరం రాబోవు ఉదయాలనే విసిరేలా

Pranam Song Tinglish Lyrics

Pranam Na Pranam Neetho Ila
Ganam Tholi Ganam Paadey Vela

Thara Theeram 
Mana Darilo Kanthule Kurisela
Chala Dooram Rabovu Udayalane Visirela

Pranam Naa Pranam Neetho Ila
Ganam Tholi Ganam Pade Vela

Mana Balyame Oka Pourname 
Oke Kathai Ala 
Mana Doorame Amavasyale 
Chiro Kathai Ila

Malli-Malli Jabili Vela 
Vennela Jallindhila Nee Jantaga
Marelope Ee Nimisham Kalala 
Dhacheyali Gundelo Guruthula

Thara Theeram Mana Dharilo Kanthule Kurisela 
Chala Dhuram Rabovu Udayalane Visirela

Pranam Song Lyrical Video

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