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Dive into the lyrical and melodic world of “Po Poradi,” a captivating song featured in the Telugu movie “Keshava.” This song, sung by the incredibly talented Arijit Singh, is a true gem that beautifully blends emotions and melodies. The poetic brilliance of Krishna Chaitanya, the lyricist, shines through in the verses, evoking a sense of passion and longing.

The music for “Po Poradi” has been meticulously composed by Sunny M.R., a maestro known for his ability to create enchanting musical landscapes that perfectly complement the emotions of the song. As you listen to this track, you’ll find yourself transported to a world of love, longing, and perhaps a touch of melancholy, all expertly woven into the fabric of the music and lyrics.

“Keshava” is a Telugu film that garnered attention not only for its storytelling but also for its remarkable soundtrack. “Po Poradi” stands out as one of the memorable tracks from the movie, resonating with audiences of various tastes and preferences.

Arijit Singh’s vocals add a layer of depth and emotion to the song, making it a memorable and emotionally charged experience. His ability to convey the sentiments expressed in the lyrics is a testament to his mastery as a singer.

Whether you’re a fan of Telugu cinema, Arijit Singh’s soulful voice, or simply a lover of heartwarming music, “Po Poradi” from the movie “Keshava” is a must-listen. Let the song take you on a journey of love, passion, and the myriad emotions that define the human experience, all wrapped up in a beautifully composed melody.

Song Name:Po Poradi
Movie Name:Keshava
Singer/s:Arijit Singh
Lyricist:Krishna Chaitanya
Music Director:Sunny M.R.

Po Poradi Song Telugu Lyrics

పో పోరాడి
ఆగని దాడి
యుద్ధం కాదే
వైరం నాదే
శరణం మరణం శిథిలం
కాదంది నా గతం
రణమో రుణమో మిగిలెను
నీతో నాదే

పో పోరాడి
ఆగని దాడి
యుద్ధం కాదే
వైరం నాదే

ఊపిరినగొద్దంటుందే పంతం
ఐన వదలొద్దంటుందే గతం
పుట్టాక అర్థం తెలిపిందే విధం
వదల విరుచుకు పడుతుంటే
రానా భూమికి సందేశం
ఆ గీత సారాంశం
యుద్ధానికి నీతుంది
ఆయుష్షుకి ఆసుంది
తప్పొప్పులు లేవంటూ
ఆనాడే అన్నదందుకే
వాడు పైవాడు

Po Poradi Song Tinglish Lyrics

Po Poradi
Aagani dhaadi
Yuddham kaadhe
Vairam naadhe
Saranam maranam sithilam
Kaadhandhi naa gatham
Ranamo runamo migilenu
Neetho naadhe

Po Poradi
Aagani dhaadi
Yuddham kaadhe
Vairam naadhe

ooprinagoddhantundhe Pantham 
Aina vadhloddhantundhe Gatham
Puttaka artham thelipindhe Vidham 
Vadhala viruchuku paduthunte 
Rana bhoomiki sandhesam
Aa geetha saramsam
Yuddhaniki neethundhi
Aayushuki aasundhi
Thappoppulu levantu
Aanade annadandhuke
Vaadu paivaadu

Po Poradi Song Lyrical Video

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