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“Immerse yourself in the enchanting lyrics of the song ‘Neeti Neeti Sukka’ from the Telugu movie ‘Tuck Jagadish’. Sung by the talented Mohana Bhogaraju and composed by the renowned Thaman S, this song takes you on a melodious journey filled with emotions and joy. The profound lyrics of ‘Neeti Neeti Sukka’ have been beautifully penned by Kalyan Chakravarthy, capturing the essence of the story and its characters.

The song ‘Neeti Neeti Sukka’ is a delightful blend of traditional folk elements and contemporary music. It showcases the rich cultural heritage of Telugu folk music, providing a refreshing and nostalgic experience for the listeners. Mohana Bhogaraju’s soulful rendition adds depth and charm to the lyrics, elevating the overall impact of the song.

In ‘Neeti Neeti Sukka,’ the lyrics vividly portray the emotions and sentiments of the characters in ‘Tuck Jagadish.’ The song beautifully captures the essence of love, longing, and celebration, making it a perfect fit for various moods and occasions. Whether it’s the lively beats or the heartfelt lyrics, every aspect of this song is crafted with finesse, ensuring an immersive musical experience.

The music composition by Thaman S is a testament to his brilliance as a music director. His ability to seamlessly blend traditional and modern sounds shines through in ‘Neeti Neeti Sukka.’ The captivating melody and vibrant orchestration create an ambiance that is both captivating and mesmerizing.

For those who may not understand Telugu, the song’s translation into English brings the essence of the lyrics to a wider audience. It allows everyone to appreciate the beauty of the song, even if they are not familiar with the language. The translated lyrics retain the original emotions and meaning, ensuring that the essence of ‘Neeti Neeti Sukka’ transcends language barriers.

In summary, ‘Neeti Neeti Sukka’ is a beautiful song from the movie ‘Tuck Jagadish’ that combines the best of traditional and contemporary music. With its soul-stirring lyrics, captivating vocals, and masterful composition, it has struck a chord with music lovers. Whether you understand Telugu or not, the emotions conveyed through this song are universal, making it a must-listen for all music enthusiasts.”

Song Name:Neeti Neeti Sukka
Movie Name:Tuck Jagadish
Singer/s:Mohana Bhogaraju
Lyricist:Kalyan Chakravarthy
Music Director:Thaman S

Neeti Neeti Sukka Song Telugu Lyrics

నీటి నీటి సుక్కా నీలాల సుక్కా
నిలబాడి కురవాలి నీరెండయేలా

వరినారు గుత్తంగా గొంతెత్తి కూసే
పూటుగా పండితే పుటమేసి సేను
పెదకాపు ఇచ్చేను సరిపుట్ల ఒడ్లు
కొరకొంచి సూసేటి కొత్త అలివేలు

మాగాడి దున్నేటి మొనగాడు ఎవరే
గరిగోళ్ళ పిలగాడే ఘనమైన వాడే

కిట్టయ్య కనికట్టు ఓ గొల్లభామా
ఎగదన్ని నిలుసున్నా నిలువెత్తు కంకి
నడుము వంచి వేసేటి నారు వల్లంకి

Neeti Neeti Sukka Song Tinglish Lyrics

Neeti Neeti Sukka Neelaala Sukka
Nilabadi Kuravaali Neerendayelaa

Varinaaru Gutthamgaa Gonthetthi Koose
Pootugaa Pandithe Putamesi Senu
Pedhakaapu Ichhenu Sariputta Odlu
Korakonchi Sooseti Kottha Alivelu

Maagaadi Dhunneti Monagaadu Evare
Garigolla Pilagaade Ghanamaina Vaade

Kittayya Kanikattu Oo Gollabhaamaa
Egadhanni Nilusthunna Niluvetthu Kanki
Nadumu Vanchi Veseti Naaru Vallanki

Neeti Neeti Sukka Song Lyrical Video

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