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“Naa Kale Kalai is a melodious song from the Telugu movie Jaanu. Sung by Brindha, the soulful lyrics of the song are written by Sri Mani. The music for this song is composed by talented music director Govind Menon.

The song Naa Kale Kalai captures the essence of love and longing, taking listeners on an emotional journey. It beautifully portrays the emotions of a person deeply in love, yearning for the presence of their beloved. Brindha’s mesmerizing voice brings out the emotions and adds a touch of magic to the lyrics.

The lyrics of Naa Kale Kalai are heartfelt and poetic, expressing the depths of love and the pain of separation. Sri Mani’s skillful writing creates vivid imagery and evokes a sense of longing and nostalgia. The combination of the poignant lyrics and the enchanting music by Govind Menon creates a captivating experience for the listeners.

Jaanu is a romantic drama film that touched the hearts of the audience with its emotional storyline and brilliant performances. The song Naa Kale Kalai is one of the highlights of the movie, capturing the essence of the narrative and leaving a lasting impression on the listeners.

Whether you understand Telugu or not, the emotions conveyed in Naa Kale Kalai transcend language barriers. The universal theme of love and longing resonates with anyone who has experienced the intensity of emotions that come with deep affection.

So, immerse yourself in the enchanting melody of Naa Kale Kalai and let the emotions wash over you. Brindha’s soulful rendition, Sri Mani’s poignant lyrics, and Govind Menon’s mesmerizing music create a musical masterpiece that will touch your heart and leave you wanting more.”

Song Name:Naa Kale Kalai
Movie Name:Jaanu
Lyricist:Sri Mani
Music Director:Govind Menon

Naa Kale Kalai Song Telugu Lyrics

నా కలే కలై నన్నే వదిలే
నే నిలా ఎలా ఎలా నమ్మని
నిజమే కుదురు చెదిరిందిలే
కలత తొలిసారిలా నాలోపలే
అయ్యానులే శిలై ఎదురు పడవే నువ్వే
మదికి వివరించవే నిజం ఇదేనని
బదులేయ్ నువ్వే నా జతగా
నువ్వే లేక తరగతి గది గతి మారేనే
ఇలా నీ మారుపేయ్ గురుతేయ్ రాక
మది పదే పదే నిన్నే వెదికేనే వలల

అసలు ఇది ఎవరి నేరమో ఎలా అడగను
కనుల నది దాటు నీరు నీ ఎలానిలుపను
మనసుకిది ఎంత భారమో ఎలా తెలుపను
సెలవికని అంత సులువుగా ఎలా నమ్మను

Naa Kale Kalaii Song Tinglish Lyrics

Naa kale kalai nanne vadhile
Neyynila yala yala nammanii
Nijame kudhuru chedhirindhile
Kalatha tholisaarila naalopale
Ayyaanule shilai yedhuru padave nuve
Madhiki vivarinchave nijam idhenani
Badhuley nuve naa jathagaa
Nuvve leka tharathi gadhi gathai maareney
Ilaa nee marupey guruthey raaka
Madhi padhe padhe ninne vedhikene valala

Asalu idhi yevari neramo yala adaganu
Kanula nadhi dhaatu neeru ney yelaanilupanu
Manasukidhi yentha bhaaramo yala thelupanu
Selavikane antha suluvugaa yala nammanu

Naa Kale Kalai Song Lyrical Video

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