Migilipoya Naku Nene Song Lyrics – Rarandoi Veduka Chudham Telugu Movie

Indulge in the lyrical magic of “Migilipoya Naku Nene” from the film “Rarandoi Veduka Chudham.” Composed by the talented Devi Sri Prasad, this song is a masterpiece that transcends language barriers. Whether you’re a native Telugu speaker or a music lover from across the globe, these song lyrics have a universal appeal that can touch the depths of your heart.

As you delve into the verses of “Migilipoya Naku Nene,” you’ll be captivated by the emotions it conveys. While the singer and lyricist of this song remain unknown, the melody and words create a symphony of love and longing. The title itself, which translates to “You are what’s left for me,” hints at the theme of deep affection and connection.

For those who prefer the English translation, the song lyrics offer a glimpse into the emotions that traverse the singer’s heart. It’s a beautiful reminder of how music can convey feelings that words alone often struggle to express. Each word in both the Telugu and English versions of the song has been carefully crafted to resonate with listeners.

So, whether you’re in search of romantic poetry or simply a soothing melody, “Migilipoya Naku Nene” has it all. Let the music transport you to a world of love, emotion, and sweet nostalgia. This song is a testament to the power of music to transcend language and connect with the soul.

Song Name:Migilipoya Naku Nene
Movie Name:Rarandoi Veduka Chudham
Music Director:Devi Sri Prasad

Migilipoya Naku Nene Song Telugu Lyrics

మిగిలిపొయా నాకు నేనే
పిలుపు లేని పేరు లా
ఆగి పోయా మధ్యలోనే
వెలుగు లేని నీడలా

అలలు చెరిపిన అడుగుల
నిను మరిచిపోగలన
నీ గురుతులెన్నో గుండెలో

చెరిగిపోయే చెరిగిపోయే
పెదవి చాటున నవ్వులే
నేడు లేవే నేడు లేవే
నిన్న పూసిన పువ్వులే

కళలు అన్ని ఒక్కసారిగా
రాలిపోయిన చప్పుడూ
వెలుతురంత ఉన్నపాటుగా
స్యున్యమైయెను ఇప్పుడు
ఉండి లాభం ఏమిటే
నా ఉపిరికిపుడు
నీ ప్రేమ లేనపుడు

Migilipoya Naku Nene Song Tinglish Lyrics

Migilipoya Naku Nene
Pilupu Leni Peru Laa
Aagi Poya Madhyalone
Velugu Leni Nidalaa

Alalu Cheripina Adugula
Ninu Marichipogalana
Nee Guruthulenno Gundelo
Cherigipoye Cherigipoye
Pedhavi Chatuna Navvule
Nedu Leve Nedu Leve
Ninna Pusina Puvvule       

Kalalu Anni Okkasariga
Ralipoyina Chappuduu   
Veluthurantha Unnapatuga
Syunyamaiyenu Ippudu
Undi Labam Yemite  
Na Upirinkipudu          
Nee Prema Lenapudu

Migilipoya Naku Nene Song Lyrical Video

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