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“Mehbooba” is a captivating song from the highly anticipated movie KGF Chapter 2, sung by Ananya Bhat. The film, which has garnered immense attention and love from audiences, features this melodious track with lyrics that beautifully capture the essence of romance. Composed by Ravi Basrur, the music effortlessly blends with the soulful rendition by Ananya Bhat, creating an enchanting experience for the listeners.

The lyrics of “Mehbooba” in Telugu, penned by Ramajogayya Sastry, showcase the magic of love and longing. Each line is crafted with elegance and depth, reflecting the emotions and yearning of the characters in the movie. The song’s lyrics describe the protagonist’s affection and admiration for his beloved, painting a vivid picture of their intense connection and the essence of their relationship.

The English translation of the song lyrics allows a wider audience to appreciate the beauty and meaning behind the words. It conveys the emotions conveyed in the original Telugu lyrics, ensuring that the essence of the song is not lost in translation. The translated version allows non-Telugu speakers to connect with the heartfelt sentiments expressed in the song, further enhancing their experience of the music.

Ananya Bhat’s soul-stirring vocals add depth and passion to the lyrics of “Mehbooba.” Her mesmerizing voice resonates with the emotions conveyed in the song, effortlessly immersing listeners in the world of love and longing. The combination of Ananya Bhat’s vocals, Ravi Basrur’s composition, and Ramajogayya Sastry’s lyrics creates a symphony that captures the essence of romance and leaves a lasting impact.

The song “Mehbooba” from KGF Chapter 2 has become a sensation, garnering millions of views and winning the hearts of music lovers worldwide. Its infectious melody, heartfelt lyrics, and soulful rendition make it a memorable and emotionally evocative track. Whether you understand Telugu or rely on the translated version, the lyrics of “Mehbooba” beautifully express the intensity of love and the longing for a beloved.

Immerse yourself in the world of “Mehbooba” and let the music transport you to a realm of love, passion, and longing. Experience the enchantment of this song as it weaves its magic through its captivating lyrics, evocative music, and soulful vocals. “Mehbooba” is not just a song, but an emotional journey that will resonate with your heart and stay with you long after the music fades away.

Song Name:Mehbooba
Movie Name:KGF 2
Singer/s:Ananya Bhat
Lyricist:Ramajogayya Sastry
Music Director:Ravi Basrur

Mehbooba Song Telugu Lyrics

మండే గుండెలో
చిరుజల్లై వస్తున్నా
నిండు కౌగిలిలో
మరుమల్లెలు పూస్తున్నా

ఏ అలజడి వేళనైనా
తలనిమిరే చెలినై లేనా
నీ అలసట తీర్చలేనా
నా మమతల ఒడిలోనా

మెహబూబా మై తెరి మెహబూబా
మెహబూబా మై తెరి మెహబూబా
మెహబూబా మై తెరి మెహబూబా
మెహబూబా ఓ మై తెరి మెహబూబా

చనువైన వెన్నెల్లో చల్లారనీ
అలలైనా దావానలం
ఉప్పెనై ఎగసిన శ్వాస పవనాలకు
జత కావాలి అందాల చెలి పరిమళం

రెప్పలే మూయని విప్పు కనుదోయికి
లాలి పాడాలి పరువాల గమదావనం

వీరాధి వీరుడివైన
పసివాడిగ నిను చూస్తున్నా
నీ ఏకాంతాల వెలితే
పూరిస్తా ఇకపైనా

మెహబూబా మై తెరి మెహబూబా
మెహబూబా మై తెరి మెహబూబా
మెహబూబా మై తెరి మెహబూబా
మెహబూబా ఓ మై తెరి మెహబూబా

Mehbooba Song Tinglish Lyrics

Mande Gundelo
Chirujallai Vastunna
Nindu Kaugililo
Marumalelo Poostunna

Ey Alazadi Velanaina
Talanimire Chelinai Lena
Ni Alasata Tircha Lena
Na Mamatala Odilona

Mehabooba Main Teri Mehbooba
Mehbooba Main Teri Mehbooba
Mehbooba Main Teri Mehbooba
Mehbooba Oh Main Teri Mehbooba

Chanuvaina Vennello Challayani
Alalai Na Dawanalam
Uppenai Egasina Swasa Pavanalaku
Jata Kavaali Andala Cheli Parimalam

Reppale Muyani
Vippu Kanudoyiki
Laali Padaali
Paruvala Gamada Vanam

Viradhi Virudivaina
Pasivadiga Ninu Chustunna
Ni Ekantala Velite
Porista Ikapaina

Mehabooba Main Teri Mehbooba
Mehbooba Main Teri Mehbooba
Mehbooba Main Teri Mehbooba
Mehbooba Oh Main Teri Mehbooba

Mehbooba Song Lyrical Video

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