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“Kanureppala Kaalam” is a heartfelt song from the Telugu movie Geetha Govindam, featuring the soulful vocals of Gopi Sunder and the poignant lyrics penned by Sagar. The music for this emotional track is composed by the talented Gopi Sundar. If you’re looking for the Kanureppala Kaalam song lyrics in Telugu, you’re in the right place.

The song “Kanureppala Kaalam” captures the essence of love and longing, making it a favorite among fans of romantic melodies. The lyrics convey the emotions and depth of a romantic relationship, beautifully expressed through the soothing voice of Gopi Sunder. As you listen to this song, you’ll be transported into a world of love, emotions, and nostalgia.

For those who may not be familiar with the Telugu language, we also provide the English translation of the Kanureppala Kaalam song lyrics. This translation allows non-Telugu speakers to appreciate the beauty and meaning behind the words.

Whether you want to sing along in Telugu or understand the profound emotions conveyed in the song through its English translation, our website is your one-stop destination for all things “Kanureppala Kaalam.” Immerse yourself in the magic of this song and relive the romance it encapsulates.

So, whether you’re a die-hard fan of Geetha Govindam, a lover of soulful music, or someone seeking to explore the rich lyrical content of Telugu songs, “Kanureppala Kaalam” is a must-listen. Dive into the world of love, music, and emotions with this beautiful track, and let it touch your heart like never before.

Song Name:Kanureppala Kaalam
Movie Name:Geetha Govindam
Singer/s:Gopi Sunder
Music Director:Gopi Sundar

Kanureppala Kaalam Song Telugu Lyrics

కనురెప్పల కాలం లోనే
కథ మొత్తం మారె పోయిందే
కనుతెరిచి చూసేలోగా
ధరిచేరని దూరం మిగిలిందే
ఇన్నాళ్లు ఊహల్లో ఈ నిమిషం సూన్యంలో
మిగిలాన్నే ఒంటరినై విడిపోయే వేడుకలో
జరిగినది వింతేన
మన పయనం ఇంతేనా

కనురెప్పల కాలం లోనే
కథ మొత్తం మారె పోయిందే

కవి ఎవరో ఈ కథకి
ఎవరెవరో పాత్రలకి
తెలియదు గా ఇప్పటికి
పొదుపు కథే ఎప్పటికి

మనమంతా అనుకున్న
ఒంటరిగానే మిగిలిఉన్న
ఇందరిలో కలిసిఉన్న
వెలితిని నేను చూస్తున్న

పొరపాటు ఏదో తోరబాటు ఏదో
అది దాటలేని తడబాటు ఏదో
ఎడబాటు చేసే ఈ గీతను దాటలేవా

Kanureppala Kaalam Song Tinglish Lyrics

Kanureppala kaalam lone
Katha mottham mare poyindhe
Kanutherichi chooseloga
Dharicherani dhooram migilindhe
Innallu oohallo ee nimisham soonyamlo
Migilanne ontarinai vidipoye vedukalo
Jariginadhi vinthena
Mana Payanam Inthena

Kanureppala kaalam lone
Katha mottham mare poyindhe

Kavi yevaro ee kathaki
Evarevaro pathralaki
Theliyadu gaa ippatiki
Podupu kathe yepatiki

Manamantu anukunna
Ontarigaane migiliunna
Indharilo kalisiunna
Velathini nenu choosthunna

Porapaatu yedho thorabaatu yedho
Adhi dhaataleni thadabaatu yedho
Yedabaatu chese ee geethanu dhaatalevaa

Kanureppala Kaalam Song Lyrical Video

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