Adugasale Nilavadule Song Lyrics – Malli Raava Telugu Movie

“Adugasale Nilavadule” is a soul-stirring Telugu song from the movie “Malli Raava,” and it is sure to captivate your heart with its poignant lyrics and melodious composition. Sung by Shravan Bharadwaj, this song beautifully conveys the emotions and nuances of love. The lyrics for this song were penned by the talented Krishnakanth, and the music was composed by Shravan Bharadwaj, creating a perfect blend of words and melody.

As you listen to the song, you’ll be transported to a world of love and longing, where every note and every word touch your soul. The song’s title, “Adugasale Nilavadule,” hints at the delicate emotions it encapsulates, and it’s a testament to the power of music to express the inexpressible.

“Adugasale Nilavadule” is not just a song; it’s a journey through the complexities of love, beautifully portrayed in the context of the movie “Malli Raava.” Whether you are a fan of Telugu music or just looking for a heartfelt and emotionally resonant song, this track is sure to leave a lasting impression.

So, immerse yourself in the lyrical beauty of “Adugasale Nilavadule” and let the music transport you to a world of love and emotions. It’s a testament to the power of music and lyrics in capturing the essence of human feelings. Enjoy the soothing and evocative sounds of Shravan Bharadwaj’s voice as he brings this song to life, and let the words of Krishnakanth touch your heart.

Song Name:Adugasale Nilavadule
Movie Name:Malli Raava
Singer/s:Shravan Bharadwaj
Music Director:Shravan Bharadwaj

Adugasale Nilavadule Song Telugu Lyrics

అడుగసాలె నిలవదులే
నా గుండె వదిలేసే
ఆలవాటేయ్ అయినదిలే
కన్నీరెయ్ రాలేదులే
నువ్వు లేవని బరువే దిగదే
ఇక రావని మనసే వినదే
తప్పే నాదెయ్
ప్రేమే పొదెయ్య్

వచ్చి పోయే వాన్నాళ్లే నీవైనావే
నేనేమో నీళ్ళల్లే ఉన్నాలే
చూస్తూనే మారేటి కాలమే నీవే
నేనేమో ఆగున్ననింగేలే

నీ ప్రేమనే మించిన భాదేమిటేయ్
నా ప్రాణమే పంచన నువ్ కోరితే
నా గుండెనే చీల్చెనా
నీలో మౌన్నమే
మాటాడితే గాయమే మానేనే

ఊపిరిలా ఉన్నవే
నిశ్వాసై పోతావే
ఒంటరిగా నే లేనే
నాతోనే ఉంటావే
ఊహల్లో కూడాను నువ్ లేక నే లేనే
ఒట్టేసి అంటున్న
నువే నేనెయ్య్

Adugasale Nilavadule Song Tinglish Lyrics

Adugasale Nilavadule 
Na Gunde Vadilese 
Alavatey Ainadile
Kannerey Raaladhule 
Nuvu Levani Baruvey Digadhey
Ika Ravani Manase Vinadhe 
Thappe Nadheyy 
Preme Podheyyyyyy

Vachi Poye Vannalle Neevainaave
Nenemo Nellalle Unnaale 
Chusthune Maareti Kaalame Neeve
Nenemo Aagunna Ningele 

Nee Premaney Michinaa Bhaademitey 
Naa Pranamey Panchana Nuv Korithee
Naa Gundene Cheelchena 
Neelo Mounnamee
Maatadithe Gaayame Maaneney

Oopirila Unnave 
Nishwasai Pothaave
Ontariga Ne Leene 
Nathone Untaavey
Oohallo Kudanu Nuv Leka Ne Leney
Ottesi Antuna 
Nuvey Neneyyyyyy

Adugasale Nilavadule Song Lyrical Video

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