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“Aanandamayenu Song” is a touching song from the Telugu movie “Pellichoopulu.” The movie is praised for its refreshing story and captivating music. Sung by Tejs Mallela, the song captures themes of joy and optimism. Lyricist Ranjani Siva Kumar’s verses radiate happiness and contentment, enhancing the song’s emotional depth.

“Aanandamayenu” stands out as a memorable musical piece. The song beautifully captures the protagonist’s journey towards happiness and fulfillment.

Song Name:Aanandamayenu
Movie Name:Pellichoopulu
Singer/s:Tejs Mallela
Lyricist:Ranjani Siva Kumar
Music Director:Vivek Sagar

Aanandamayenu Song Telugu Lyrics

సఖియే సఖియే
ఆనందమాయెను సఖియే
ఆనందమాయెను సఖియే సఖియే
ఆనందమాయెను సఖియే సఖియే

Aanandamayenu Song Tinglish Lyrics

Sakhiye sakhiye
Anandamayenu sakhiye
Anandamayenu sakhiye sakhiye
Anandamayenu sakhiye sakhiye

Aanandamayenu Song Lyrical Video

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