Ammayitho Abbayi Title Song Lyrics – Abbayitho Ammayi Telugu Movie

“Ammayitho Abbayi Title Song Lyrics” from the Telugu movie “Abbayitho Ammayi” is a captivating piece that captures the essence of the film. Piyush Kapoor sings this track, which highlights the charming dynamics between the lead characters. Sirasri wrote the lyrics, reflecting young love and the emotions between the protagonists. Ilaiyaraaja’s music blends traditional and contemporary elements, creating a memorable listening experience.

“Abbayitho Ammayi Title Song Lyrics ” explores modern relationships and changing views on love. The music, lyrics, and performance make “Ammayitho Abbayi Song” a standout track that resonates with the listeners.

Song Name:Ammayitho Abbayi Title
Movie Name:Abbayitho Ammayi
Singer/s:Piyush Kapoor
Music Director:Ilaiyaraaja

Ammayitho Abbayi Title Song Telugu Lyrics

అమ్మాయితో అబ్బాయి
అబ్బాయితో అమ్మాయి
దొబొచేదో ఆడిస్తుంటే
దాగుడుమూతే ఆడిస్తుంటే
ముందు వెనక తేడా లేక
ఆటో ఇటో పోతు ఉంటె
మైమరచే వేళా
చుట్టూ ఎందరున్నా
ఎవరు లేనట్టేనా
అబ్బాయితో అమ్మాయి
అమ్మాయితో అబ్బాయి

Ammayitho Abbayi Title Song Tinglish Lyrics

Ammayitho abbayi
Abbayitho ammayi
Dobochedho aadisthunte
Daagudumoothe aadisthunte
Mundu venaka teda leka
Ato ito pothu unte
Maimarche vela
Chuttu endarunna
Evaru lenattena
Abbayitho ammayi
Ammayitho abbayi

Ammayitho Abbayi Title Song Lyrical Video

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