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“Immerse yourself in the soul-stirring melodies of the song ‘Aakasham Bhuvi Paina’ from the movie ’30 Weds 21′. This beautiful track, sung, written, and composed by the talented artist Jose Jimmy, encapsulates the essence of love and yearning. With its enchanting tunes and heartfelt lyrics, this song takes listeners on a captivating musical journey.

The movie ’30 Weds 21′ has struck a chord with audiences, and the song ‘Aakasham Bhuvi Paina’ perfectly complements its narrative. The lyrics, penned by Jose Jimmy himself, express the emotions and desires that arise when love is at its peak. The words delicately weave a tale of romance, evoking a sense of passion and longing in the listener’s heart.

Jose Jimmy’s soulful rendition of ‘Aakasham Bhuvi Paina’ adds a touch of magic to the song. His captivating voice effortlessly conveys the depths of emotion embedded in the lyrics, creating an intimate connection with the audience. The music composition, also by Jose Jimmy, enhances the overall experience, complementing the lyrics with a harmonious blend of melodies and rhythms.

For those who are not familiar with the Telugu language, here are the English lyrics of ‘Aakasham Bhuvi Paina.’ These translated words allow a wider audience to appreciate the beauty and meaning behind the song’s enchanting verses. The English lyrics transport listeners into the emotions expressed in the original Telugu version, enabling them to connect with the music on a profound level.

Experience the magic of ‘Aakasham Bhuvi Paina’ and let the heartfelt lyrics, mesmerizing vocals, and captivating music transport you to a world of love and longing. Whether you are a fan of romantic melodies or simply appreciate soulful music, this song will undoubtedly touch your heart and leave you yearning for more. Dive into the enchanting world of ’30 Weds 21′ and let ‘Aakasham Bhuvi Paina’ captivate your senses with its sheer beauty and emotional depth.”

Song Name:Aakasham Bhuvi Paina
Movie Name:30 weds 21
Singer/s:Jose Jimmy
Lyricist:Jose Jimmy
Music Director:Jose Jimmy

Aakasham Bhuvi Paina Song Telugu Lyrics

ఆకాశం భువి పైన వాలేనా
ఆ తాటేయ్ నా ముందు నిలిచేనా

ఆకాశం భువి పైన వాలేనా
ఆ తాటేయ్ నా ముందు నిలిచేనా

ఇన్నాళ్లు నా కనులు చూడలేదే నిన్నిలా
నా మనసే నా మదితో ఆడేనే గుసగుస

నయనమే హే ఏ నక్షత్రమా
ఆధారమే హే నింగినందు మెరిసే దీపమా ఆ ఆ
అరెరే మానస ఇదేం మంత్రమో
ప్రేమ పరవాసమో
అరెరే మనసా ఇదేం మంత్రమో
ప్రేమ పరవాసమో
ప్రేమ పరవాసమో ఓ ఓ ప్రేమ పరవాసమో

Aakasham Bhuvi Paina Song Tinglish Lyrics

Aakasham Bhuvi Paina Vaalenaa
Aa Thaate Naa Mundhu Nilichenaa

Aakasham Bhuvi Paina Vaalenaa
Aa Thaate Naa Mundhu Nilichenaa

Innaallu Naa Kanulu Choodaledhe Ninnilaa
Naa Manase Naa Madhitho Aadene Gusagusa

Nayaname Hey Ye Nakshathrama
Adharame Ye Hey Ninginandhu Merise Deepama Aa Aa
Arere Manasa Idhem Manthramo
Prema Paravasamo
Arere Manasa Idhem Manthramo
Prema Paravasamo
Prema Paravasamo Oo Oo Prema Paravasamo

Aakasham Bhuvi Paina Song Lyrical Video

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